Groaner | TOMY



Groaner is a true pessimist and never sees the bright side of things. He’s grumpy, always in a bad mood, and never afraid to let people know just how much worse things are going to get. His one dream is to own a lawn…then he could tell people to get off of it. Unfortunately Groaner knows he’ll never be that lucky.

Age: 3 years and up


You've heard've smelled them...but have you ever met a fart? Meet the Stink Bomz! All Stink Bomz contain a collectible fart friend known as a Stink. Each Stink has their own silly smell and makes 3 unique fart noises. But best of all, every Stink has their own fun personality. Even though they're all different, they have one important thing in common - they are ready to get the farty started!

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