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"I Cry Candy" Bing Bong

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Age: 4 years and up

Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend, is a fun-loving cat/elephant/dolphin made out of cotton candy wrapped around a nougat-y center. He's fun even when he's sad--he cries tears made of candy!

"I Cry Candy" Bing Bong sits at 10” tall. Squeeze his belly to hear him sing “The Bing Bong Song” or say one of six phrases from the movie such as, “I'm part cat, part elephant, part dolphin.” When you squeeze his belly, Bing Bong will also cry candy tears! Bing Bong even smells just like cotton candy!

  • Plush character speaks key character phrases
  • Sings “The Bing Bong Song”
  • Wears fabric clothes
  • Cries candy tears
  • Smells like cotton candy
  • Two modes: English language and sound effects
  • $29.99